I am a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Miami, and currently live in Philadelphia. I started writing songs at age 17 and have not looked back. i've been drawn to original and unique artists whether it's, David Bowie, Prince, Metallica, Frank Zappa, or Johnny Cash. i will excite with new songs that will not only pay homage to the past, but also have an original sound. 




"Jacob Quint captures the best of 80s new wave with the warmth of heartland rock. It's a curious combination but trust me -- it works." 

Rachel Cholst - Adobe and Teardrops blog


"The Everlasting by Jacob Quint has many elements involved. It’s just not one song, but four songs cleverly blended into one. I love the production which manages to keep a tight reign while still managing optimum freedom of expression."

Staff Lane - Fresh on the Net Music Blog UK


"Drawing influences from the ’60s onwards the tracks cover a range of ideas, though always of brooding coating. With regular reveals there is burgeoning  catalogue developing, though with no compromise in quality."

Tim - Emerging Indie Bands

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